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What is a Participants Requirements?

Active participants are national and international students who are invited to HSF to present their own research. These participants requirements:

  1. All participants are undergraduate and graduate students of medical and health science major from state/private university worldwide
  2. Each team must consist of at least two authors, with one being the first author/leader. Number of authors are limited to three
  3. All team members must come from the same University
  4. All participants may submit more than one review, however each participant is only allowed to be the first author/leader of one team

What is a Passive Participant?

HSF is opened for all interested visitors. As a passive participant, you can take parts in all scientific and social activities, but do not have to present any research during oral and poster presentation sessions.

Fees & Payments

Participants should pay the administration fee before registering the team. Payment is done by transferring the registration fee to the account below

  1. Bank : Bank Mandiri (bank transfer code : 008)
  2. Account Number : 1700000519599
  3. Account Name : Vivi Haryanita

Registration fee for passive participants will be informed afterwards


Regis form2


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